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Welcome to Sojourners Family Resource Center

Are you feeling fearful or anxious about your future? Stuck or paralyzed in your present life?

Do your relationships feel more challenging and difficult than ever?

Are you disillusioned with your partner, your marriage, or another significant relationship in your life?

Does life in your family feel like an endless battle of the wills, filled with unspoken expectations or the experience of never measuring up?

We can help. At Sojourners, we offer individual (adolescent and adult) psychotherapy, as well as couple and family counseling, which will help you understand what is upsetting or distressing you in these situations and what you can do about it. You will develop the tools for resolving conflicts in your relationships and for insuring greater happiness in all areas of your life.

Call us now at 201-393-0370 or email us at info@sojourners-family-resources.com to request your free phone consultation or to schedule an appointment.